Dinner :”How Do Things Take Shape?” by ceci


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Imagine to have been invited for a dinner,
imagine to have accepted the invitation and attended the dinner.
Imagine the dinner having been almost exactly what you had imagined.
How close are exactly and almost exactly? And how far is exactly from not at all?
Imagine the dinner to have been not at all what you had imagined.

The preparations for the event to which we have the pleasure to invite you started out with a ball of yarn – though not all three of us do necessarily agree on that. We became fascinated with an ancient textile-dyeing technique called ikat and tried to retrace the long and laborious way of an image into an object. We found that what can be made by hands is de nitely not al- ways tangible. We watched a lm about a painter who stated that she wasn’t a minimalist but an abstract ex- pressionist and said she didn’t have any ideas herself but a vacant mind to do what her inspiration told her to. We spoke to a woman who removes stains from sheets by singing and read about a man who was a marxist collector of historic textiles and also did research on time and causality in physics. We got into the theories of a cognitive psychologist and expert on the malle- ability of human memory who coined the term misin- formation e ect for new information that a person re- ceives and that then works backwards in time to distort memory of the original event. We looked into narrative techniques: cliff hangers, quibbles, twists, red herrings, red flags, McGuffins… At a certain point we made plans to interview a script writer but ended up discussing whether or not colours could be ordered chronologically. We were surprised to find ‘imagined communities’ and ‘invented traditions’ quite contemporary concepts. What we had set out to prepare was supposed to become a dinner and after detours and distractions, here we are.

Yours ceci
Maaike, Miriam and Sara

Menu in 2018 was;
1. oysters and champagne 2. transparent fish soup with chopsticks and shell 3. eggs of all kinds of chickens in various colours and sizes, cauliflower, potatoes, white sauce 4. vegan hot hot chocolate with cognac, marshmellows and a story in the dark + original “venice” coca-cola, white and red wine, water, juice.
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