0. Handmade Textiles for Sale

I’m Maaike and I am a researcher, weaver, and artist. I like to place the threads very precisely. Preferably by hand. Like writing a letter. Weaving combines my love for stories, color, abstraction, texture, material, space and time. The craft / working on my loom gives me the possibility to use my tacit knowledge and give me time to translate my intellectual knowledge into objects that make sense. All designs are created on the loom and not on a computer.

Textile is language. Like music. Even before there was written text, textiles were used to express all the important things in life and as such were of great importance in the development of notation and written language.

My mission is to create awareness on the extremely high potential textiles can have in our culture. In the past textile was an important medium to communicate values, believes, prestige and comfort. The handwoven and locally produced and dyed textile objects and products I sell here will give power to your life by using them or have them near you. Weavers know this: all energy of the material and the making procces is in the textile object. So this is power/ energy. If you are not happy with the object just return it.

The object are made from high quality materials and will become more beautiful when they age.

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Toont alle 3 resultaten