Learn how to create beautiful handmade textiles!

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I’m a weaver. I like the sound of the loom. I like to place the threads very precise. Preferably by hand. Like writing a letter. The weaving combines my love for color, texture, material and space. The handwork gives me time to think and to process. To make decisions when they are at hand. Textile is a language, a very abstract one. Even before there was the written text word textile was used to express all important stuff in life. It is a language: like music. 

Textielfabrique is my Rotterdam based textile studio. In this studio you can learn the full process of creating textiles by hand. My mission is to create awareness on the extremely high potential textiles can have in our culture. In the past textile was an important medium to communicate values, believes, prestige and comfort. Alsothey believed to be the messengers between earth and sky. Unfortunately textiles moved down on the career ladder to products of zero value/ waste. The best thing I can do as a designer is to pass on my knowledge to others and to provide them with the right tools, knowledge and inspiration. 

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